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Updated variable list

New variables were added to the list of variables used in eddy covariance research, including variables from the EddyPro _full_output_ file and the FLUXNET FULLSET Data Product (half-hourly). The list contains abbreviations along with description of many variables used in FLUXNET, ICOS, Ameriflux, EddyPro, Reddyproc, among others. See the updated . . . Read more

CH-OE2: Updated raw data info

The overview table detailing eddy covariance raw data files at CH-OE2 was updated with additional information from old documentation: EC Raw Binary Format (CH-OE2)

Short Report – QA/QC Meeting Apr 2023

Meeting Date: 6 Apr 2023     News Automatic fluxes: Automatic Level-0 fluxes are calculated daily. (For info about flux levels see: Flux Processing Chain) It takes some time to process fluxes for all sites, but newest fluxes should show up in the database and thus Grafana after 12:00 noon. . . . Read more

Short Report – QA/QC Meeting Jan 2023

Meeting Date: 12 Jan 2023   News The RDS now has access to the database. This means that we now have a shared working environment where we can run Jupyter notebooks. On the RDS, there is now a new notebook that helps in creating Level-2 fluxes (Quality flag expansion). For . . . Read more

New Page: FLUXNET Variable Codes

The new page FLUXNET Variable Codes gives an overview of variables in the FLUXNET FULLSET half-hourly data product. All variables are collected together with their units and description in a searchable table.

Short Report – QA/QC Meeting Nov 2022

Meeting Date: 17 Nov 2022   News Meteoswiss stations: (TODO for SRPs) We need to search for the stations closest to our field sites that could be used for backup meteo data in case of data gaps and to cross-check our precipitation measurements. CH-AWS: Samedan, Bergün / Latsch CH-CHA: Cham, . . . Read more

Short Report – QA/QC Meeting Oct 2022

Meeting Date: 12 Oct 2022   Talking Points FluxCoffee: separate meetings to discuss data related issues, e.g. flux processing, started and will continue to take place, next meeting will be longer 2-3h. MeteoScreening using Jupyter notebooks is working, but currently the SRPs cannot use it due to security related issues. . . . Read more

CH-OE2: Updated Management Info

The management info for CH-OE2 has been updated and now includes management until Aug 2022. Info can be downloaded as an Excel file from this page: Site Info (CH-OE2)  

Short Report – QA/QC Meeting Sep 2022

Meeting Date: 8 Sep 2022   Talking Points Checking fluxes from CH-LAE during the heatwave campaign Checking recent fluxes from other stations   General Info If you are (Tech-)SRP, please attend QA/QC meetings or tell LH if you can’t, needed for planning of the meetings. SRP & Tech-SRP: please prepare . . . Read more