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New cropland site CH-FOR

The cropland site CH-FOR, Forel is now part of our measurement network. This is the cropland of a dairy farm with a forage crop rotation with two years of temporary grassland followed by maize and winter wheat. Flux measurements started in March 2024 and are expected to last until 2027. The . . . Read more

New cropland site CH-TAN

The cropland site CH-TAN, Taenikon is now part of our measurement network. The site is part of Swiss Future Farm, a project of the canton of Thurgau in partnership AGCO and GVS Agrar AG where Agroscope is conducting independent research into Smart Farming technologies. More info about CH-TAN can be found . . . Read more

Updated dataset download numbers

In 2023, our datasets were downloaded (at least) 6645 times, which corresponds to 18.2 downloads per day. Most downloaded sites were CH-DAV, Davos, CH-OE2, Oensingen and CH-CHA, Chamau with more than 1300 downloads each. More details including a plot and table can be found on FLUXNET Number Of Downloads.

Updated variable list

New variables were added to the list of variables used in eddy covariance research, including variables from the EddyPro _full_output_ file and the FLUXNET FULLSET Data Product (half-hourly). The list contains abbreviations along with description of many variables used in FLUXNET, ICOS, Ameriflux, EddyPro, Reddyproc, among others. See the updated . . . Read more

CH-OE2: Updated raw data info

The overview table detailing eddy covariance raw data files at CH-OE2 was updated with additional information from old documentation: EC Raw Binary Format (CH-OE2)