EC Raw Binary Format (CH-INO)

See here for more info about the EC raw binary format.


Setup since 2018

Time periods affected by the Wrong Calibration Gas 2017 are not yet highlighted in this table.

wdt_ID Year FRMT GA1S GA2S Location Start End Binaries From Binaries To SA GA 1 GA 2 SA Ori GA1 Sep GA2 Sep Notes


Measurements for the InnoFarm project comprise several cropland sites.
(1) LGR data acquisition was switched to 1 Hz on 27 Oct 2018 at 11:15. It is possible that the last file is a mixture of 10 Hz and 1 Hz data.
(2) LGR data measured at 1Hz, but its output is still stored at 20 Hz in the raw binary files (with repeated values). Therefore, the settings do not need to be adjusted.
(3) LGR data again measured at 20Hz.



  • * … The star marks significant changes in the setup that required a new time period
  • Binaries From … The first valid file that contains the first data for the respective year.
  • Binaries To … The last valid file that contains the last data for the respective year.
  • FRMT … The format settings that were used. FRMT files contain information about the sequence of incoming data, e.g. first the SA, then GA1, then GA2. Generally, the FRMT files contain correct information about these data sequences, but not necessarily about processing settings because the settings are different depending on the use case (e.g. preliminary fluxes use settings that speed up processing time). For time periods with the same processing settings, check GA1S, GA2S etc.
  • GA … Gas analyzer. If the GA is given in brackets it means that the GA was removed from the site but its data (empty) is still part of the data stream / raw data. In this case the raw data contains mostly empty columns (status and data size of the GA is still recorded). GA in brackets means that the instrument is still part of the data stream but data are empty, e.g. when it was removed from the site.
  • GA1S, GA2S … Gas anaylzer setup: A more accurate setup info than FRMT, time periods with the same ID have the identical processing settings, e.g. the same sensor separation settings. Time periods with the same ID can be calculated together (data can be pooled) for e.g. final flux calculations. However, sometimes data for GA1 of different time periods can be pooled, but not data for GA2, therefore these IDs are given separately for each gas analyzer. Check if the setup changes allows for data pooling of a specific GA.
  • GA1 Sep, GA2 Sep … Northward N, Eastward E and Vertical V separation of the GA inlet in relation to the SA center, given in mm (Note: EddyPro needs distances in cm), for more info see here. Also given is the tube length TL in mm if the GA is a closed-path analyzer.
  • IRGA75 … LI-COR 7500 open path infrared gas analyzer
  • LGR … Laser GA
  • R350 … Gill R3-50 sonic anemometer
  • SA … Sonic anemometer
  • SA Ori … The direction in which the spar where the SA is mounted points.
  • Year … Given with an underscore, whereby the underscore denotes a change in the data format. For example, in 2015_2 the QCL was added to the data file, but the QCL was not installed in 2015_1.




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