QuickViews: FileReports for ICOS data (deprecated)

  • Link: http://www.swissfluxnet.ch/qv/ (now deprecated)
  • Programming language: Python
  • Source code: n.a. (open source planned)
  • Online since: 30 Sep 2018


QV FileReports is a collection of Python scripts that searches raw data files on the grasslandserver and shows their availability and file creation times on html pages for online access. Originally, it was created to monitor the dataflow to ICOS servers.

Currently we check the data contained in the raw data files with plots. However, this gives us little information about the files that contain these data. With this script, it is easy to spot which files were created by the logger, when they were created and which files arrived at the grasslandserver. It gives a quick overview what the newest files are.

Future plans

All sites in Swiss FluxNet will be included.

Last Updated on 15 Feb 2024 21:11