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New Page: FLUXNET Variable Codes

The new page FLUXNET Variable Codes gives an overview of variables in the FLUXNET FULLSET half-hourly data product. All variables are collected together with their units and description in a searchable table.

Added: List of Variables

A new table gives an overview of variables and their abbreviations as used in various result files, scripts, apps and software: List of Variables  

Updated: FLUXNET Requirements

The page FLUXNET Requirements now gives a more detailed overview of which data need to be uploaded to EFDC / FLUXNET for successful data sharing. We upload data directly to the European Fluxes Database Cluster (EFDC) for FLUXNET post-processing.

New Site Info Added

New site descriptions have been updated for sites CH-CHA, CH-FRU and CH-OE2. Also available now is management info for CH-FRU and info about the crop rotation at CH-OE2. Site info will be further expanded in the near future.