Available Flux Products

The table below shows currently available flux products.

Most of the fluxes are currently shared via the FLUXNET database. Recently shared data might not yet be available for download due to additional data processing applied by the database (e.g., u* filtering, gap-filling, partitioning). See here for details about flux levels and data shared with FLUXNET.

Major FLUXNET data collection initiatives:

  • FLUXNET2015: collected 2016, contains data until 2014
  • European Drought Study 2018: collected 2019, contains data until 2018
  • ICOS Winter 2020 Initiative: collected 2020, contains data until 30 Jun 2020


Flux Products / Final Fluxes

wdt_ID Site & Year SA GA Fluxes Version Calcs Level EFDC Upload Details
Site & Year SA GA Fluxes Version Calcs Level EFDC Upload Details



  • Calcs … Shows if the most recent calculations of the respective flux product are new fluxes (NEW) or updated fluxes.
  • EFDC Upload … Most recent date when the Level-1 or Level-2 fluxes were uploaded to the EFDC for data sharing within FLUXNET.
  • GA … Gas analyzer
  • HS50 … Gill HS-50 sonic anemometer
  • IRGA62 … LI-COR 6262 closed path infrared gas analyzer (CO2, H2O)
  • IRGA72 … LI-COR 7200 enclosed path infrared gas analyzer (CO2, H2O)
  • IRGA75 … LI-COR 7500 open path infrared gas analyzer (CO2, H2O)
  • Level … Highest available flux level. For more info about flux levels see here: Flux Levels Refined
  • LGR … Los Gatos analyzer (CH4 / N2O)
  • QCL … Quantum cascade laser by Aerodyne (CH4 / N2O)
  • SA … Sonic anemometer.
  • Site & Year … year; note that in some years the setup of the instruments might have changed. In these cases results from different time periods are merged into one single file for the respective year. In this table, the parts are not listed, only info for the full year.
  • Version … Newest available flux version