The Grassland Sciences group runs several field sites in Switzerland to answer the research questions asked. This includes highly instrumented eddy covariance flux sites on arable land (Oensingen), in forests (Davos and Lägeren) as well as on grassland (Chamau, Früebüel, Alp Weissenstein/Crap Alv). All these sites are part of the Swiss FluxNet, where long-term flux measurements are collected continuously (most sites run since 2003-2005, Davos runs already since 1997). At all sites, additional measurements are taken during other projects, please check out the respective research projects web pages.

Some field sites have been run only in campaign-mode, e.g., the Dischma Valley and the Furkapass. On the other hand, the Grassland Sciences group is a core member of the Jena Experiment where biodiversity-ecosystem functioning aspects have been addressed since 2002.

Research sites


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