CH-LAE: Raw Binary Format starting 2019_2

Mail WE, 10 Jan 2019

today TB and I changed an important setting of the EC data acquisition at the CH-LAE site: we now run the newest version 8.09 of sonicreadHS using a streaming buffer of 240 records (i.e. 12 seconds) to buffer these nasty powernaps of the Licor 7200 data transmission. Since there were issues with the snowfall, we hassled around with many files with zero data in them. Finally, the first valid file with data is


For the processing this means: in addition to the normal lag time between IRGA and sonic we have an artificial lag time of 12 seconds due to the buffer, which needs to be considered when processing the files when searching for the best correlation between vertical wind speed and CO2/H2O concentration.

In comparison to Davos where we run version 8.08: technically this is the same, but since the 20 record streaming buffer that we implemented for Davos is too short for Lägeren, I realized that his information must go into the log file to keep track of what we are doing. Version 8.09 writes the information about the streaming buffer into the log file. The value is hard coded in the definition of IRGA_STREAMING_BUFFER in file sonicALL.h, thus you must set this value specifically for a given site if you want to use the streaming buffer using the -B command line option. Probably in the overnext version I’ll make this a command line parameter, but as of today this is a hardcoded value.

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