Most Important Variables

Lists will be complemented as needed.

The following gives a list of variables that are widely used in ecosystem research and should be included in shared datasets (if available).


Flux Variables

  • NEE (µmol CO2 m-2 s-1): Net ecosystem exchange of CO2
  • GPP (µmol CO2 m-2 s-1): Gross primary production
  • RECO (µmol CO2 m-2 s-1): Ecosystem respiration
  • LE (W m-2): Latent heat flux
  • H (W m-2): Sensible heat flux
  • Quality flags for NEE, GPP, RECO, LE and H, to differentiate between directly measured and gap-filled fluxes


Meteorological Variables

  • TA (°C): Air temperature
  • SW_IN (W m-2): Incoming shortwave radiation
  • LW_IN (W m-2): Incoming (down-welling) longwave radiation
  • PPFD (umol m-2 s-1): Incoming photosynthetic photon flux density
  • RH (%): Relative humidity
  • PA (kPa): Atmospheric pressure
  • PREC (mm): Precipitation total
  • SWC (%): Soil water content (volumetric)
  • TS (°C): Soil temperature
  • G (W m-2): Ground heat flux, needed for the energy balance closure calculations
  • NETRAD (W m-2): Net radiation, needed for the energy balance closure calculations
  • VPD (hPa): Vapor pressure deficit




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