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New Article: Eddy Covariance Raw Data Binary Files

In case you ever wondered how our raw data files look like and what is needed before we can use them in EddyPro for flux calculations (and what does “compressed” vs “uncompressed” mean), here is a new Article for you: Eddy Covariance Raw Data Binary Files

VPC Major Upgrade

The VPC (virtual PC) now runs with 8 virtual processors (Intel Xeon E5-2650 v4 @2.2GHz) and 32GB RAM. This will be helpful in running automatic fux calculations, QuickView plot generation and data conversions in parallel. For more info about the VPC, please see here.

Updating to Most Recent Anaconda Distribution 5.2.0

[update] Updated on LH local, fresh install, to 5.2.0, downloaded here (Windows 64bit) [test] Tested CH-DAV QV generation on LH local with this version –> OK [update] On VPC in Anaconda prompt (as admin), ran conda update anaconda –> this updated conda from 4.3.21 to 4.3.30 [update] Still on VPC, . . . Read more