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QuickViews Update & A Quick Look at Recent Fluxes

From now on, automatic fluxes for the QVs are shown for the last 14 days (previously 7 days). More information about QV fluxes are given here. Below you can find new fluxes between 1 July and 14 July 2018. CO2 Fluxes Latent Evaporation Fluxes Sensible Heat Fluxes

Updates to CH-DAV QuickViews Plots

From now on, the following data are plotted directly from the new LoggerNet files (instead of the old LANNER files): Basic Meteo (10_meteo) CH-DAV_CR1000_T1_35_1_TBL1_*.csv     CH-DAV_iDL_T1_35_1_TBL1_*.dat Forest Floors (12_meteo_forestfloor) CH-DAV_CR1000_FF1_1_TBL1_*.csv      CH-DAV_iDL_FF1_0_1_TBL1_*.dat CH-DAV_CR1000_FF2_1_TBL1_*.csv      CH-DAV_iDL_FF2_0_1_TBL1_*.dat CH-DAV_CR1000_FF3_1_TBL1_*.csv      CH-DAV_iDL_FF3_0_1_TBL1_*.dat CH-DAV_CR1000_FF4_1_TBL1_*.csv      CH-DAV_iDL_FF4_0_1_TBL1_*.dat CH-DAV_CR1000_FF5_1_TBL1_*.csv      CH-DAV_iDL_FF5_0_1_TBL1_*.dat CH-DAV_CR1000_FF1_1_TBL2_*.csv      CH-DAV_iDL_FF1_0_1_TBL2_*.dat CH-DAV_CR1000_FF2_1_TBL2_*.csv      . . . Read more

Status of automatic flux calcs

13 Apr 2018: CH-OE2 activated. Running. 19 Apr 2018: CH-LAE activated. Running. 20 Apr 2018: CH-FRU activated. Running. 25 Apr 2018: CH-AWS activated. Running. 26 Apr 2018: CH-CHA IRGA75 activated. Running. 10 May 2018: CH-DAV IRGA72 activated. Running. All stations running, QCLs currently not in the field.