CH-DAV: 2005


Setup Non-ICOS Setup 1997-2016 (ETH binary files)
Time Period(s) 2005_1, 2005_2
Instruments R2, IRGA62, IRGA75
Final Flux Version R2-IRGA62-IRGA75_FF-201606 (v2016-06)
Scripts FCT 0.74, EP 6.1.0 (Level-1), FQC (Level-2), 02-Burba-Fluxes-Davos.R (Burba correction)
Level-1 ID
Level-1_ID2016-07-28T143836 / merged results from: 2005_1: ID2016-07-26T184852, 2005_2: ID2016-05-31T142703 / **
Level-2 ID Level-2_QC-20160728-143836-bc5 * / special case: QC was done separately (see Notes): 2015_1 in QC-20160728-112958, 2015_2 in QC-20160603-134711
Level-3-4 ID
  • PI Dataset:
  • FLUXNET2015:
  • Drought Study 2018:
Initiative FLUXNET2015 dataset (upload 4 Oct 2016)
Flux Calculations By
Meteo Screening By



  • (bc5) … 5% Burba correction. Quality-controlled Level-2 fluxes were corrected for self-heating of the gas analyzer (Burba correction, off-season uptake correction). The correction was not fully (100%) applied, but only with a strength of 5%, which is considered more accurate for our sites due to the tilted installation angle of the open-path IRGA75.
  • Old version number: v2016-06
  • Meteo data revised by WE.
  • Date: May / June 2016
    Flux Years: 2005-2015 / EddyPro Version Used: 6.1.0 / Tool, Python Used: FluxCalc 0.74 with Anaconda3
  • Date: July 2016
    Flux Years: 1997-2005 / EddyPro Version Used: 6.1.0 / Tool, Python Used: FluxCalc 0.74 with Anaconda3 / Date: 3 Oct 2016
  • 5% Burba correction was applied to final, quality-controlled Level-2 IRGA75 CO2-fluxes, using the R script by WE: 02-Burba-Fluxes-Davos.R.
  • LH 28 Jul 2016:
    2005 is a special year because of the switch from the old to the new eddy covariance setup without data overlaps.

    • The first part of 2005_1 was measured with R2 and IRGA62.
    • The second part of 2005_2 was measured with R2 and IRGA75.
    • There are no data overlaps, so for this year the fluxes of both parts are combined into one file.
    • QC was done for each part separately because there were differences regarding the QC, e.g. IRGA62 does not output AGC (window dirtiness).
    • The separate QC parts were then merged into one file.
    • LH 30 Apr 2019: Burba correction was applied to the IRGA75 fluxes only.


* Level-2 uploaded to European Fluxes Database Cluster for FLUXNET data sharing

** merged results