Site Info (CH-CHA)


Site name: Chamau, Kt. Zug, Switzerland
Land cover (IGBP land classification): Grassland
Altitude: 393 m a.s.l.
Coordinates: 47°12’36.8″ N / 8°24’37.6″ E (Google Maps)
Location description: Chamau is located in a lowland broad river valley of the Reuss River.
FLUXNET ID: CH-Cha (link)
Land use: Intensive management with six cuts per year (mainly for silage).
Geology: The area is located on tertiary molasse. The Reuss-valley is filled with postglacial retreating rubble of the Reuss glacier.
Soil type: Cambisol
Soil texture:

Site Description

Intensively managed grassland, 393 m asl, located in a pre-alpine valley bottom. The area and the adjacent farm are part of the Agricultural Education and Counseling Center Schluechthof. Eddy covariance flux measurements were started in July 2005 (tower coordinates: 47°12’36.8″ N and 8°24’37.6″ E; WGS84 47.210222, 8.410444; at 393 m asl).




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