CH-CHA: 2016


Setup Setup since 2005
Time Period(s) 2016_1, 2016_2, 2016_3 (results were merged)
Instruments R350, IRGA75
Final Flux Version
Scripts FCT 0.86, EP 6.2.0 (Level-1), FM 0.91 (Level-1 merging), FQC 1.04 (Level-2)
Level-1 ID Level-1_ID2019-03-01T193757 / merged from: 2016_1-3: ID2019-02-27T154133, 2016_2: ID2019-02-27T154512 / separate conversions: 2016_1, 2016_3 in ID2019-02-12T172410; 2016_2 in ID2019-02-12T172532 / **
Level-2 ID Level-2_QC-20190310-130244 *
Level-3-4 ID
Level-3-4_FLUXNET2015-FN-20190606-beta-3 (Drought Study 2018)
Initiative European Drought Study 2018 (upload 29 Mar 2019)
Flux Calculations By
Meteo Screening By



  • During this year, there was a major problem with the sonic starting in March and lasting throughout April. During this time period, The sensible heat fluxes are off and are lost due to the spike flag during Level-2 quality control. Still, the IRGA75 provided continuous measurements throughout April, and the fluxes look OK (also the diurnal cycles for April look as expected). The spectral correction factors for CO2 (co2_scf) during this period are also within range, although they have less spikes than the rest of the year. For QC-20190310-130244, I leave the CO2 fluxes for April in the data, with the flag as provided by the default Level-2 QC check, but the fluxes during this time period need to be used (and if needed re-checked) with care, since I can see reasons to remove all fluxes for most of March and all of April. – LH


* Level-2 uploaded to European Fluxes Database Cluster for FLUXNET data sharing

** merged results

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