Flux Processing Meeting #1 for FF-202101

Meeting date: 2 Dec 2020, 14h

Participants: LH, IF, RM, MG, AS (5)


Goal of FF-202101

  • Goal 1: Final fluxes (FF) for selected site years
  • Goal 2: Final flux product (FP) for all FFs


Purpose of this meeting

  • Fluxes for multiple site years will be updated or newly calculated in January 2021.
  • This is the first meeting to identify required site years and to agree on the processing schedule.


Goals of this meeting

  • Give overview of processing steps for SRPs
  • Identify what needs to be processed or updated


Required flux calculations


  • IRGA72 2020


  • IRGA75 2020
  • (IRGA75 2005-2019)
  • QCL 2016-2020
  • (QCL 2012-2015)


  • IRGA 2020
  • (old DAV years with corrected water)
  • QCL 2015-2020


  • IRGA75 2020


  • CH-AES: 2019-2020 IRGA75 & LGR
  • CH-DAE: 2019 IRGA75 & LGR


  • IRGA75 2014-2020


  • IRGA72 2020
  • IRGA75 2017
  • IRGA72 2016


  • IRGA72 2020
  • (INO) 2018-2020 IRGA75 & LGR
  • old years: check Burba correction


Time schedule

  • Level-1 flux calculations can start in Jan 2021



  • METSCR: ETH Meteoscreening tool for meteo data check
  • BICO: Conversion of binary raw data to csv files
  • DYCO: Improved lag detection of QCL and LGR fluxes
  • FLUXRUN: Flux calculations Level-1, using EddyPro
  • AMP: Quality control of fluxes, Creation of Level-2
  • REDDYPROC: ustar filtering and gap-filling


Processing Steps

  1. METSCR Meteoscreening
  2. BICO Conversion of binary raw data files to ASCII files (CSV)
  3. FLUXRUN OPENLAG flux processing with relaxed processing settings, identifies issues and checks correct lag time and wind directions, can be done without screened meteo data
  4. DYCO Preparation of CSV files for final flux calculations: detect and remove lags and lag time jumps, for QCL and LGR only
  5. FLUXRUN Production of Level-1 fluxes, calculations with final processing settings and screened meteo data
  6. CORRECTIONS: might be necessary, e.g. IRGA75 vs IRGA72 fluxes comparison for Burba correction
  7. AMP Production of Level-2 fluxes (full QC), removal of low quality fluxes, removal of outliers, preparation for next step
  8. REDDYPROC Production of Level-3 and Level-4 fluxes: ustar filtering, gap-filling and partitioning


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