Short Report – QA/QC Meeting December 2018

Meeting Date: 2018-12-13


LH, EPL, RM, SG, IF, MS, TB (7)

Talking Points


If you are (Tech-)SRP, please attend QA/QC meetings or tell LH if you can’t, needed for planning of the meetings.

SRP & Tech-SRP: please prepare short statement about your site and send to to LH (max. 2 sentences)


  • The automatic fluxes are currently not working due to network permission issues for LH. LH discussed the issues with ISG. LH’s local computer setup will be adjusted maybe before Christmas, maybe after. After then there should be no (or less…) issues with the automatic fluxes.
  • Work on the grassland data database will continue now in December or in January after permission issues are solved.


  1. Automatic fluxes for last 14d (schedule is here) is currently offline because of permission issues
  2. Online weekly QA/QC checks for nearly all sites
  3. Most recent eddy covariance raw data plots are found in the following folder on our group drive (P) (currently not updated daily):


  4. On-demand flux calculations on the RDS are working again. The RDS is now called RDSnx. The RDSnx is currently used by LH, RM and IF. A short introduction of how to use the RDSnx on Windows is given here: RDSnx – Remote Desktop Service

Site Reports


SRP (LH, fluxes): No gaps in Nov flux data.
T-SRP: –


SRP (IF): QCL back in the field since 16.11.2018 and measuring. We applied changes to the QCL data acquisition (order of variables via serial connection changed); qclread now in new operation mode but creating the same file format as before (in spring) according to format requested by eddypro (specific order of variables) for flux calculations. Mice are eating soil sensors for IfDews.
T-SRP: –


SRP (MG, LH): Running well except for some gaps when the EC system stopped recording data and has to be manually restarted. Relatively clear CO2 uptake until mid-November.
T-SRP: –


SRP (LH): No major problems with fluxes, look good. Sensible heat recently showed clear downward flux, winter is coming.
T-SRP: –


SRP (RM): Fluxes were very noisy during heavy precipitation at the beginning of December. However, dataset is complete.
T-SRP: –


SRP (EPL): Fluxes for CH-LAE look good for this time of the year. 8-day gap in November for CH-LAS due to power failure at the forest floor. Also, large amount of spikes in CH-LAS data in November due to heavy rain.
T-SRP: –


SRP (RM): Site is running, fluxes look ok.
T-SRP: –



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