Report – Dataflow Meeting Dec 2018

Last Update: 25 Apr 2019, changes marked in yellow
Meeting Date
: 7 Dec 2018, 13-15h, LFW B52
Participants: LH, AR, CB, IF, MG, MS, PM, QS, RM, SG, SK, TB, YaL, YuL (14)

We discussed various topics where we think improvements could be made.


  • Dataflow charts for all stations: SRPs and T-SRPs will create a dataflow chart for their respective stations, similar to what is already available for CH-DAV. LH prepared a dataflow chart template that can be used for all stations.
    Link: Template for Dataflow Charts (deprecated)
  • Variable Naming: from now on, the word doc on the group drive will no longer be used. Instead, all future work will be done online. Please use the online link below to check how a file should be named. In addition, if a new variable needs to be added to the List of Variables, please contact LH. In the future, the technicians will also be able to add new variables to the list. Link: Naming Convention
  • Scripts: scripts will be made available via ETH GitLab in 2019. The goal should be to collect all scripts used by the group and make it available online. Using Git, we would also have a continous and automatic documentation about changes and revisions made to the script. Scripts would then be open source and it would be easy to share scripts within the group and also with anyone who is interested outside the group. Links: What is Git? / GitLab
  • GIN RSS feeds: LH will contact DO for the implementation of RSS feeds in GIN. Then everyone who is interested can subscribe to the RSS feed of interest and will receive automatic updated when new GIN entries are made, e.g. field visits. RSS feeds should be generated for each category, e.g. SW_MOD, but there should also be a general feed for each site that comprises updates for all categories for the respective site. Maybe there could also be a RSS feed with all updated for all sites and categories. In that case, the subscriber would get a notification as soon as a new entry was added to GIN.
  • Direct links to GIN entries: LH will check with DO if it is possible to directly link to a GIN entry. This way we could specifically link to events, e.g. when we write about “site upgrade of CH-OE2 on 2 Oct 2020” we can directly link to the entry for this event.
  • Team communication: discussions will take place on Slack ( in the channel #dataflow_meeting. Link: grasland group on Slack (now deprecated)
  • Tutorial for Meteo Screening: it would be good to have guidelines for the screening, what to look at first, what is an outlier. Standardized tests (e.g. for outliers) would be great. This is something we will address in the future.
  • Flux Processing Tutorial: what data format is needed for EddyPro? And more.
  • Documenation about scripts: for example, where are the scripts located and which are used for what. Parts of this question will be answered once we have the dataflow charts for the stations. We also need a way to better document used settings for e.g. gap-filling of eddy fluxes.
  • The old Wiki: with GIN and the SFN webpage in place, the old Wiki gets emptier. We should transfer the relevant information from the old Wiki to the new webpages. There is still a reservation tool on the old Wiki that we need to use, maybe we can find an alternative. We need to discuss in the future if we want to shut down the old wiki, or use it for certain documentation. Fieldbook entries from the old fieldbook will be transferred to GIN, with the help of a HiWi. Work will start somewhen in 2019.

    Link: old Wiki


+ new page: Meetings in Data
+ new page: Template for Dataflow Charts (now deprecated)
+ moved page: SRP List is now a direct subpage of Sites
+ moved page: QA/QC Check – Weekly is now located under Data
+ moved page: QA/QC Meetings – Monthly is now located under Data/Meetings

more coming soon…


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