Site Updates, CH-OE2

CH-OE2: Updated raw data info

The overview table detailing eddy covariance raw data files at CH-OE2 was updated with additional information from old documentation: EC Raw Binary Format (CH-OE2) ... Read More

New photos added

New photos added for CH-FRU, CH-CHA and CH-DAS ... Read More

Short Report – QA/QC Meeting 21 Sep 2023

The new Short Report with an overview of recent fluxes and meteo data can be downloaded from here: Short Report - QAQC Meeting 21 Sep 2023 ... Read More
Site Updates, CH-CHA

Updated site info for CH-CHA

Updated site info: added climate chart, added detailed management info, soil details and new reference Feigenwinter et al. (2023). Site Info (CH-CHA) ... Read More
Site Updates, CH-DAV

Updated site info for CH-DAV

The site info for CH-DAV, in particular the description about vegetation at the site, was updated. Site Info (CH-DAV) ... Read More

Short Report – QA/QC Meeting Apr 2023

Meeting Date: 6 Apr 2023 News
  • Automatic fluxes:
    • Automatic Level-0 fluxes are calculated daily. (For info about flux levels see: Flux Processing Chain)
    • It takes some time to process fluxes for all sites, but newest fluxes should show up in the database and thus Grafana after 12:00 noon.
    • The simplified sequence what happens is:
      • (1) EC raw data files are transferred to the ETH grasslandserver.
      • (2) The Python script bico converts EC raw data files from binary to ASCII.
      • (3) The Python script fluxrun calculates fluxes using the converted ASCII files.
      • (4) The Python script ... Read More

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