Short Report – QA/QC Meeting Jan 2021

Meeting Date: 7 Jan 2021


LH, TB, MS, IF, RM, MG, PM (7)


Talking Points

  • List of dates: QA/QC Meetings 2021
  • CH-OE2: Time Lapse Videos from webcam images 2005-2020 are now available: Videos (CH-OE2)
  • Please collect info on the sonic / IRGA settings, e.g. sensor separation between the two sensors.
  • New HiWi will check CH-AWS, starting soon.
  • Most recent fluxes



  • If you are (Tech-)SRP, please attend QA/QC meetings or tell LH if you can’t, needed for planning of the meetings.
  • SRP & Tech-SRP: please prepare short statement about your site and send to to LH (max. 2 sentences)
  • The purpose of QA/QC meetings is to check on current, incoming data. SRPs choose specific issues we should look at together and discuss in the group. Fluxes are checked if the respective SRP wishes to do so.


 Site Reports





Some of the larger data gaps during the night need clarification and will be checked. Probably due to a setting in Eddypro (e.g. raw data absolute limits QC check).

CH-CHA: preliminary fluxes 2020



CH-DAV: preliminary CO2 flux 2020



LH (SRP): There was a data gap in Dec 2020, probably due to bad weather but will be checked in detail.

CH-FRU: preliminary CO2 flux 2020



CH-INO: preliminary CO2 flux 2020








CH-OE2: preliminary CO2 flux 2020


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