EC Raw Binary Format (CH-OE2)

See here for more info about the EC raw binary format.


Setup since 2003

wdt_ID Year FRMT GA1S GA2S Binaries From Binaries To SA GA 1 GA 2 SA Ori GA1 Sep GA2 Sep Notes
Year FRMT GA1S GA2S Binaries From Binaries To SA GA 1 GA 2 SA Ori GA1 Sep GA2 Sep Notes


(1) Old Gill R2A sonic from PSI was installed as replacement after hail damage to r3 sonic. Sonic height 1.75m.
(2) Additionally to the LI-7500 IRGA, an LI-7200 IRGA was installed.
(3) Gill R3-50 was temporarily replaced by HS100, because R3-50 needed repair. HS50 and HS100 are basically equivalent and since EddyPro does not accept HS100 set up, we used the HS50 set up. HS100 was selected in EddyPro.
(4) Note the different file extension *.o*
(5) The file 2017031712.o29 is the first one with correct data after the IRGA75 dismount.
(6) Additional byte for IRGA (LI-7200) status.
(7) Calibration gas: There was an issue with the calibration gas used to calibrate the IRGA72. As a consequence, the CO2 concentrations in the raw data files have to be multiplied by 0.974 before flux calculations. This can be directly done during the conversion of the raw data binary files to CSV files when using the FCT Flux Calc Tool. Note the provided EddyPro settings CH-OE2_FRMT-F2 under Downloads at the end of this page: these settings already consider the correction and apply the gain to the CO2 concentration measurements during the conversion from raw binary to CSV. For more info about this issue see here: Wrong Calibration Gas 2017. Affected time period: all IRGA72 CO2 concentrations between 2018100419.o00 and 2019111313.o00.
(8) It is not completely clear from the fieldbook if files between 28 Sep and 2 Oct 2018 were affected by the wrong calibration gas issue described in (7). However, since there was some data loss around the same time this would have only affected 2-3 full raw data files. Therefore, I trust the notes in GIN (no calibration mentioned on 28 Sep, but calibration mentioned for 3 Oct, device removed from site on 2 Oct) and assume the first calibration with the wrong gas was on 3 Oct 2018 and ignore this issue for files between 28 Sep and 2 Oct. -LH
(9) 2019_2 is the same as 2019_1 with the exception that the lag times increased after 6 May 2019 13:30. In 2019_1, the default lag time (peak of distribution of found lag times) was found at 0.35s/0.45s for CO2 and H2O, respectively. In 2019_2, the default lag times shifted to 1.30s (CO2) and 1.40s (H2O). The reason why this happened is unknown, there was no entry on GIN for this date.


EddyPro Settings

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