EC Raw Binary Format (CH-FRU)

See here for more info about the EC raw binary format.


Setup since 2005


(1) Raw binary files before 2005070515.b11 contain erroneous data and must not be used.
(2) File extension was changed back to *.X* on 17 Nov 2017, 19:00.
(3) Separation settings estimated from photos and map.
(4) SA orientation is most likely still 342°, although in this table 145° was given previously. With the 145° setting the wind direction is approx. 180° different from previous calculations and from Zeeman et al. (2010).
(5) Calibration gas: There was an issue with the calibration gas used to calibrate the IRGA75. As a consequence, the CO2 concentrations in the raw data files have to be multiplied by 0.974 before flux calculations. This can be directly done during the conversion of the raw data binary files to CSV files when using the FCT Flux Calc Tool. Note the provided EddyPro settings CH-FRU_FRMT-A2 under Downloads at the end of this page: these settings already consider the correction and apply the gain to the CO2 concentration measurements during the conversion from raw binary to CSV. For more info about this issue see here: Wrong Calibration Gas 2017. Affected time period: all IRGA72 CO2 concentrations between XXX.X00 and 2019112707.X00.



  • Binaries From … The first valid file that contains the first data for the respective year.
  • Binaries To … The last valid file that contains the last data for the respective year.
  • Format … The format settings that were used. FRMT files contain information about the sequence of incoming data, e.g. first the SA, then GA1, then GA2. Generally, the FRMT files contain correct information about these data sequences, but not necessarily about processing settings because the settings are different depending on the use case (e.g. preliminary fluxes use settings that speed up processing time).
  • GA … Gas analyzer
  • GA Sep … Northward, Eastward and Vertical separation of the GA inlet in relation to the SA center, given in mm (Note: EddyPro needs distances in cm), for more info see here
  • R3 … Gill R3-50 sonic anemometer
  • IRGA75 … LI-COR 7500 enclosed path infrared gas analyzer.
  • SA … Sonic anemometer.
  • SA Ori … The direction in which the spar where the SA is mounted points.
  • Year … Given with an underscore, whereby the underscore denotes a change in the data format.



EddyPro Settings

File sizes approx. 10 KB.


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Eddy Covariance Raw Data Binary Files