Datalogger: CR1000

Flowchart of all files logged with the CR1000 in CH-DAV.

An overview of all files generated at CH-DAV can be found here: Files Generated On-Site.


All tasks are scheduled using the Windows Task Scheduler.

[1] data logging: continuously
[2] data download from CR1000 to DAV_MAIN w/ LoggerNet: once per day, 10_meteo @00:10, 11_meteo_hut @00:15, 12_meteo_forest_floor @00:20
[3] data download from LANNER to DAV_MAIN w/ Python: once per day, 17_meteo_profile @00:25, 20_sonic_ghg_ETH @00:30, 20_sonic_ghg_ICOS @00:35
[4] Transfer to ETH: once per day @XXX (WE?)
[5] Transfer to Carbon Portal: once per day, as soon as we get the OK by the ETC


Last Updated on 8 May 2023 11:25