EC Raw Binary Format (CH-CHA)

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Setup since 2005

wdt_ID Year Binaries From Binaries To BICO SA GA 1 GA 2 FR SA Ori GA1 Sep GA2 Sep Notes
49 2005_1 2005072615.b45 2005123123.b00 R350-A IRGA75-A - -
50 2006_1 2005123123.b00 2006123123.b00 R350-A IRGA75-A - ? / 7° -
51 2007_1 2006123123.b00 2007123123.b00 R350-A IRGA75-A - ? / 7° -
52 2008_1 2007123123.b00 2008123123.b00 R350-A IRGA75-A - ? / 7° -
53 2009_1 2008123123.b00 2009082817.b00 R350-A IRGA75-A - ? / 7° -
54 2009_2 2009082819.b51 2009110305.b01 R350-A IRGA75-A QCL-D * ? / 7°
55 2009_3 2009110309.b59 2009123123.b00 R350-A IRGA75-A - * ? / 7° -
56 2010_1 2009123123.b00 2010031112.b37 R350-A IRGA75-A - ? / 7° -
57 2010_2 2010031113.b18 2010042805.b01 R350-A IRGA75-A QCL-D * ? / 7°
58 2010_3 2010042809.b41 2010123123.b00 R350-A IRGA75-A - * ? / 7° -
Year Binaries From Binaries To BICO SA GA 1 GA 2 FR SA Ori GA1 Sep GA2 Sep Notes


  • For QCL the version and variant according to Table 2 in WE’s sonicread.pdf is given.
  • A new naming convention for data blocks is currently (Aug 2020) in preparation: Data Blocks.

(1) 7° north offset, measured for the north spar in 2016. Assumed to be the same for all years.
(2) QCL-A format: Modified data acquisition to also record QCL temperature and pressure. Now there are 5 QCL variables that are detected (there were 3 in previous versions).
(3) For this short time the QCL was run with the CH-DAV QCL setup. For more info see here: ch-cha-2016-data-issues.pdf
(4) QCL-A3 format: see GIN entry 26 Nov 2018. QCL was re-installed at site on 16 Nov 2018, data logging started on 26 Nov 2018. This period is a special case, since the QCL logged the variables in a different order. In addition, the gains on the signal are different. Also, H2O was not recorded at full resolution and looks rather static, but of realistic magnitude.
(5) The separation given for the QCL seems more or less correct, see this image.
(6) QCL is defective and was removed from the site on 11 Apr 2018 (factory repair). The QCL is still part of the raw data, but all its data are empty.
(7) The multiplier of 1000 got set back to 1 so that the QCL H2O concentrations could be saved correctly. Correct values were recorded since 13:32:27 CET 15.05.2020. File with the transition: 2020051513.C00. See GIN entries from 13 May 2020 and 15 May 2020. Direct link to info text file.
(8) Calibration gas issue: Due to the IRGA75 replacement of in 15 Mar 2017, only a short time period of approx. 2 months is affected by the wrong calibration gas. Affected time period: all IRGA75 CO2 concentrations between 2017011114.C57 and 2017031507.C00. For more info see here.
(9) After checking the raw data plots, the QCL seems defective after 29 Mar 2018 approx. since 15:34h, the  (most QCL sginals stop with record 184 706 instead of 431 990 in the 6-hour raw data file). Nearly half of the file 2018032913.C00 still contains usable data.
(10) Short period where the gain on the H2O signal from QCL-A4 was set to 1000 instead of 1 (by accident).
(11) See GIN entry from 13 May 2020 and 15 May 2020: Instead of the H2O concentration the ambient CH4 concentration got recorded in ppb. This happened due to a change in the incoming data from the QCL. The order of magnitude for the ambient CH4 is e.g. 13000 ppb. Note that this is very different from the dry mixing ratio that we use for flux calculations that is on the order of 2000 ppb.
(12) QCL removed from site 5 Feb 2020 10:50h.
(13) IRGA75 was calibrated on 30 Apr 2019 with correct calibration gas.
(14) I assume that the GA1 separation is the same as was later measured in Feb 2019. Here during this time period in 2018, the QCL (GA2) inlet was moved which means there was a setup change at the site. I assume that the setup change was also the case for GA1. It was not possible to find out more details from the fieldbook.
(15) Note that the file 2020051307.C00 is the transition file from QCL-A2 to QCL-A4.
(16) Note that the file 2020051513.C00 is the transition file from QCL-A4 to QCL-A.
(17) QCL removed from site on 20 Jul 2021.
(18) The LGR from the CH-INO project is now running instead of the QCL.


EddyPro Settings

.eddypro and .metadata files for flux calculations. These files contain info about the instrument setup, i.e. what instruments are installed and in which sequence. Processing options might need to be adjusted as needed.

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