EC Raw Binary Format (CH-AWS)

See here for more info about the EC raw binary format.


Adaptive Setup since 2015

wdt_ID Year FRMT GA1S Binaries From Binaries To SA GA 1 SA Hei/Ori GA1 Sep Notes
Year FRMT GA1S Binaries From Binaries To SA GA 1 SA Hei/Ori GA1 Sep Notes


A new naming convention for data blocks is currently (Aug 2020) in preparation: Data Blocks.

(1) From the fieldbook: 22.01.2016 (Patrick Koller, remote)
The wrong Licor Head was installed on AWS. Thus, the data acquisition was configured for the Head 72H-0577, but the mounted head is 72H-0585! On the 22.01.2016 9:45 the appropriate configuration file was installed, Thus the fluxdata until 22.01.2016 9:45 is WRONG as it was measured using a wrong calibration.
Li7200 string was wrong, after the update, could be fixed within the next two hours
Comment LH: data also before 22 Jan 2016 looks fine to me.
(2) Sonic anemometer orientation: the spar where the sonic is mounted points exactly to the north. See here for more information.
(3) SA and GA are now containing additional output columns, similar to the extended formats at other sites, e.g. CH-DAV.
(4) Calibration gas: There was an issue with the calibration gas used to calibrate the IRGA72. As a consequence, the CO2 concentrations in the raw data files have to be multiplied by 0.974 before flux calculations. This can be directly done during the conversion of the raw data binary files to CSV files when using the FCT Flux Calc Tool. For more info about this issue see here: Wrong Calibration Gas 2017. Affected time period: all IRGA72 CO2 concentrations between 2017101207.A00 and 2019112107.A00.
(5) Data files no longer affected by calibration gas issue.


Mobile Setup 2006-2016

wdt_ID Year FRMT GA1S Binaries From Binaries To SA GA 1 SA Hei/Ori GA1 Sep Notes
Year FRMT GA1S Binaries From Binaries To SA GA 1 SA Hei/Ori GA1 Sep Notes


(1) R2 has additional byte.
(2) During 2012, there were timestamp issues, resulting in raw data files that have e.g. the year 2021 etc. Currently (Nov 2019) these files cannot be used because it is unknown how this timestamp error can be corrected.
(3) IRGA75 data were logged in mV. Needs linear conversion to yield mmol m-3. TODO
(4) Binary info currently refers to the converted raw binary files (WE).
(5) Data logged @20.7 Hz in one file per hour.
(6) Data logged @20.7 Hz in one file per six hours.
(7) Data files now contain more raw data columns than in previous years.
(8) This first data at the site should not be used, the CO2 fluxes fluctuate around zero and look off.



  • Binaries From … The first valid file that contains the first data for the respective year.
  • Binaries To … The last valid file that contains the last data for the respective year.
  • Format … The format settings that were used. FRMT files contain information about the sequence of incoming data, e.g. first the SA, then GA1. Generally, the FRMT files contain correct information about these data sequences, but not necessarily about processing settings because the settings are different depending on the use case (e.g. preliminary fluxes use settings that speed up processing time).
  • GA … Gas analyzer
  • GA1 Sep … Northward, Eastward and Vertical separation of the GA inlet in relation to the SA center, given in mm (Note: EddyPro needs distances in cm), for more info see here
  • HS50 … Gill HS-50 sonic anemometer
  • IRGA72 … LI-COR 7200 enclosed path infrared gas analyzer.
  • SA … Sonic anemometer.
  • SA Hei/Ori … The direction in which the north arrow of the SA points.
  • Year … Given with an underscore, whereby the underscore denotes a change in the data format. For example, in 2015_2 the QCL was added to the data file, but the QCL was not installed in 2015_1.



EddyPro Format Files

.eddypro and .metadata files for flux calculations. These files contain info about the instrument setup, i.e. what instruments are installed and in which sequence. Processing options might need to be adjusted as needed.

  • CH-AWS_FRMT-WECSV1 (zip) updated 17 Feb 2020
  • CH-AWS_FRMT-WECSV2 (zip) updated 17 Feb 2020
  • CH-AWS_FRMT-A (zip) updated 17 Feb 2020
  • CH-AWS_FRMT-B (zip) updated 17 Feb 2020
  • CH-AWS_FRMT-C (zip) updated 17 Feb 2020
  • CH-AWS_FRMT-A2 and CH-AWS_FRMT-B2: updated 17 Feb 2020 Special variants of FRMT-A and FRMT-B, respectively, where the IRGA72 concentration of CO2 was already multiplied with 0.974 during a separate conversion from raw binary to CSV files. These settings use CO2 columns with the suffix -GAIN0974 for flux calculations. For CH-AWS, the gain was applied with the script CGC Calibration Gain Control before the raw data files were used in FCT Flux Calc Tool for flux calculations. See Note (4) in Adaptive Setup since 2015.
  • Special note: The calibration gas issue can now directly be done when using the FCT Flux Calc Tool v0.94 or newer. CH-AWS was the only site where the gain was applied to the CO2 columns before flux calcs. After CH-AWS, I found a better solution to do it directly during the conversion from binary to CSV, directly in FCT.

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