Short Report – QA/QC Meeting Feb 2019

Meeting Date: 7 Feb 2019


LH, EPL, RM, MS, IB, TB, PM, IF, PL, MG (10)

Talking Points


If you are (Tech-)SRP, please attend QA/QC meetings or tell LH if you can’t, needed for planning of the meetings.

SRP & Tech-SRP: please prepare short statement about your site and send to to LH (max. 2 sentences)

From this meeting on, SRPs choose specific issues we should look at together and discuss in the group. In the past, we mainly went primarily through all fluxes from all sites. Fluxes are checked if the respective SRP wishes to do so.

This meeting we discussed the following topics

  • CH-FRU automatic fluxes in the QuickViews: automatic fluxes start to work again
  • CH-LAE: we looked at the final level-1 fluxes for the full year 2018 (shown in Snapshots below)
  • CH-DAV: the Atmos-41 that we use as a temporary backup meteo station for ICOS produces sometimes NaNs
  • CH-CHA: in the QuickViews spikes are visible


Site Reports

No Site Reports for this meeting. They will be continued after the meeting in March 2019.



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