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Short Report – QA/QC Meeting Feb 2019

Meeting Date: 7 Feb 2019 Participants LH, EPL, RM, MS, IB, TB, PM, IF, PL, MG (10) Talking Points Info From this meeting on, SRPs choose specific issues we should look at together and discuss in the group. In the past, we mainly went primarily through all fluxes from all . . . Read more

Short Report – QA/QC Meeting Jan 2019

Meeting Date: 10 Jan 2019 Participants LH, SG, AR, MG, PM, WE, SB, IF, EPL, YaL, CW (guest prof) (11) Talking Points Info Looking back: preliminary 2018 fluxes Note that no plots are shown for sites CH-LAE and CH-LAS since preliminary fluxes are scattered across multiple flux runs and files. . . . Read more

Short Report – QA/QC Meeting October 2018

Meeting Date: 2018-10-18 Participants / Excused MG, SB, IF, RM, EPL, TB, IB, PL (8)  / LH, WE, PM Talking Points Info Meeting Notes GIN TB showed everyone how to create a fieldbook entry when there is a problem with a device or when maintenance is done. TB also showed . . . Read more

CH-DAV Sonic Anemometer North Off-set

The north off-set of the sonic anemometer (the direction in which the sonic anemometer north arrow points) in CH-DAV is 270.28°. It was determined via this map:   Source:

Short Report – QA/QC Meeting September 2018

Meeting Date: 2018-09-20 Participants / Excused LH, EPL, IB, TB, RM, MG, PM (7)  / IF, MS Talking Points Info QA/QC Weekly checklist will be expanded: instead of adding Notes to the table, all technical Notes (errors) will be written directly in GIN. The link to the GIN entry will . . . Read more

QuickViews Update & A Quick Look at Recent Fluxes

From now on, automatic fluxes for the QVs are shown for the last 14 days (previously 7 days). More information about QV fluxes are given here. Below you can find new fluxes between 1 July and 14 July 2018. CO2 Fluxes Latent Evaporation Fluxes Sensible Heat Fluxes

Updates to CH-DAV QuickViews Plots

From now on, the following data are plotted directly from the new LoggerNet files (instead of the old LANNER files): Basic Meteo (10_meteo) CH-DAV_CR1000_T1_35_1_TBL1_*.csv     CH-DAV_iDL_T1_35_1_TBL1_*.dat Forest Floors (12_meteo_forestfloor) CH-DAV_CR1000_FF1_1_TBL1_*.csv      CH-DAV_iDL_FF1_0_1_TBL1_*.dat CH-DAV_CR1000_FF2_1_TBL1_*.csv      CH-DAV_iDL_FF2_0_1_TBL1_*.dat CH-DAV_CR1000_FF3_1_TBL1_*.csv      CH-DAV_iDL_FF3_0_1_TBL1_*.dat CH-DAV_CR1000_FF4_1_TBL1_*.csv      CH-DAV_iDL_FF4_0_1_TBL1_*.dat CH-DAV_CR1000_FF5_1_TBL1_*.csv      CH-DAV_iDL_FF5_0_1_TBL1_*.dat CH-DAV_CR1000_FF1_1_TBL2_*.csv      CH-DAV_iDL_FF1_0_1_TBL2_*.dat CH-DAV_CR1000_FF2_1_TBL2_*.csv      . . . Read more

Activated ICOS DataFlow

The ICOS DataFlow from CH-DAV to the ETH grassland server is now active. Filenames and variable names will soon be changed to their final ICOS file- & variable names. More info here: Dataflow Exception: at the moment 90_images_10_webcam files are transfered directly from the LANNER to the ETH grassland server.

Short Report – QA/QC Meeting May 2018

Date: 2018-05-17 Participants / Excused LH, IB, PM, MG, SB, WE, TB, RM, IF, KF, Kritika (internship) Talking Points Info If you are (Tech-)SRP, please attend QA/QC meetings or tell LH if you can’t, needed for planning of the meetings. SRP & Tech-SRP: please send short statement about site to . . . Read more

Status of automatic flux calcs

13 Apr 2018: CH-OE2 activated. Running. 19 Apr 2018: CH-LAE activated. Running. 20 Apr 2018: CH-FRU activated. Running. 25 Apr 2018: CH-AWS activated. Running. 26 Apr 2018: CH-CHA IRGA75 activated. Running. 10 May 2018: CH-DAV IRGA72 activated. Running. All stations running, QCLs currently not in the field.