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This naming convention makes it possible to clearly identify sites, variables, objects, programs, scripts and configuration files. Whenever changes are implemented at a field site or when describing a specific entity, the respective naming must be given in the grassland group Fieldbook. In all cases national characters (e.g. umlauts ä, ö, ü, Ä, Ö, Ü), Chinese characters, invalid characters etc. must not be used in variable names, site names, file names, and directory names.



VARshortcode for the measured variable
Hhorizontal position index: location of the sensor on a 2D space
Vvertical position index: vertical height above the ground or depth of soil in meters
Rreplicate index: replicated measurement in the same location

_H_V_R is the location suffix comprised of the three position indices. More information about the location index can be found here.

Details for each naming part are given in separate subpages. For more information please refer to the respective section.

Also keep in mind that the location is exactly defined by the last three identifiers in the respective variable name, meaning the location can exactly be defined when reading the variable from the end to the front. This is particularly important since variable labels can be extended by a prefix, suffix or identifier and this may lead to confusion – see also the examples section.