V: Vertical Position Index

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Type:   integer or float (0-9999)
Unit:    m

The vertical position index described the vertical position of an instrument in meters. The number describes height for sensors that are installed aboveground, and depth of soil for sensors that are installed belowground.

Height and depth are given in mDistances smaller/larger than 1m or different from absolute values should be separated with . with as many decimal places as necessary, e.g. soil temperature measured at 2cm depth is given as 0.02, air temperature measured at 150cm height is given as 1.5, air temperature at 35m height is given as 35. If a number describes height or depth can be seen from the variable name, e.g. for soil temperature V describes the depth, for air temperature the height.

Exception for Campbell Scientific Dataloggers: The programming languages for Campbell Scientific Dataloggers CRBasic and Edlog (deprecated) do not allow . in variable names. Thus, as an exception, the . is replaced by x for Campbell Dataloggers, e.g. a depth of 2cm is given as 0x02 instead of 0.02.