Update Anaconda Installation

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Do This

By updating the Anaconda distribution directly, it is easier to manage multiple computers because the package collection is the same.

  1. Go to Anaconda prompt (run as admin)
  2. Check Anaconda version:
    conda list anaconda$
  3. Update Anaconda:
    conda update anaconda
  4. Check Anaconda version, if there was a newer version, you should see the new version number here:
    conda list anaconda$

Or, Alternativey

It is also possible to update all packages manually. The conda manager will make sure they are compatible with each other.

  1. Update conda:
    conda update -n root conda
  2. Update all Anaconda packages:
    conda update --all
  3. Check conda version:
    conda --version
  4. Check list of installed packages:
    conda list
  5. Check Anaconda version, since we did a manual update of all packages, this will most likely show custom as version number:
    conda list anaconda$

Or, Alternatively

Deinstall current installation and reinstall from the official page here.