Software Versions (RDSnx)

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The table below shows the software versions currently used for the respective site.

  • EddyPro available via ETH Kiosk (App-V): EddyPro 7.0.6
  • Latest version of the FluxCalcTool (FCT): FCT 0.9.7 with EddyPro 7.0.6 (Oct 2020)





  • conda env … The name of the conda environment (python package manager) currently used for flux calcs. If the entry shows App-V, then calculations are still done via the Anaconda version that is available via the ETH Kiosk (App-V). Starting in 2019, we will start to use conda environments instead of the App-V installation. For sites that have already made the switch from the App-V Anaconda to the conda environement, the name of the env is given here.
  • BICO … Binary Conversion, Python script to convert raw binary files from eddy covariance stations to ASCII files (csv). Replaces the binary conversion in FCT.
  • EP … EddyPro.
  • FCT … FluxCalcTool, a collection of python scripts that run in combination with EddyPro to calculate fluxes.
  • FCT w/ EP … The version of FCT that is currently available in the site-specific folder for RDSnx flux calculations. Also shows the version of EP that is used for the given version of FCT.
  • FLUXRUN … Python script to calculate EC fluxes from ASCII files, using EddyPro.
  • FRMT File … Shows whether a FRMT file is already in use in the RDSnx folder on the group drive (these files contain the setup information for the EddyPro calculations).
  • SRP … Site-responsible person.