List of Location Indices

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H Index

The horizontal position index describes the horizontal location of items. For more information see here.

wdt_ID H Index Horizontal Position
1 T Tower (EC system is mounted here)
2 M mast
3 TR tree
4 FF forest floor plot
5 GF grassland floor
6 WF wetland floor
7 CF cropland floor
8 H Hut
9 B boom
10 BOX box with mounted instrumentation (only if necessary, might be misleading according to Techs)
11 RK a rock in or on which a sensor is installed (e.g. tree ring reference measurements in Davos)
12 BAK backup meteo station, e.g. used for ICOS in Davos where the station is 1km away
13 V Valley; measurement distant from e.g. the eddy covariance tower; e.g. in CH-AWS filegroup 11_meteo_valley includes measurements from the valley

Updates to this list:

  • 25 Feb 2022: Added V for Valley


V Index

The vertical position index gives the vertical location of items in meters. For more information see here.


R Index

The replicate index gives information of concurrently installed items at the same location. For more information see here.