H: Horizontal Position Index

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Type: letters & numbers

 The horizontal position index consists of a label followed by a number and describes the sampling point of a parameter or the location of an instrument.

Important: if eddy covariance equipment is installed on a structure, we refer to it as tower, never as a mast. A mast can be installed in close proximity of the tower and normally carries additional instrumentation (e.g. phenocam or similar) that did not fit on the main tower.

If we want to describe masts and booms that are mounted on the main tower, it is necessary to combine different labels and numbers. Please see below for examples. Naming is done clockwise, starting from North. As for the work in reality, adjusted naming as in case of two rain gauges next to a tower on separate small masts is possible: e.g. instead of  PREC_RAIN_M1_1_1 and PREC_RAIN_M2_1_1 one could also name these PREC_RAIN_GF1_1_1 and PREC_RAIN_GF1_1_2. In all cases the detailed site overview in form of a scheme has to be provided.

List of H Indices

wdt_ID H Index Horizontal Position
1 T Tower (EC system is mounted here)
2 M mast
3 TR tree
4 FF forest floor plot
5 GF grassland floor
6 WF wetland floor
7 CF cropland floor
8 H Hut
9 B boom
10 BOX box with mounted instrumentation (only if necessary, might be misleading according to Techs)
11 RK a rock in or on which a sensor is installed (e.g. tree ring reference measurements in Davos)
12 BAK backup meteo station, e.g. used for ICOS in Davos where the station is 1km away
13 V Valley; measurement distant from e.g. the eddy covariance tower; e.g. in CH-AWS filegroup 11_meteo_valley includes measurements from the valley


H Index Example
T1 main tower with installed eddy covariance equipment
T1B1 boom on main tower
T1B2 2nd boom on main tower
M1 mast where radiation sensors are installed in the field
M2 2nd mast with e.g. precipitation bucket
M2B1 boom on 2nd mast
H1 hut at measurement site
BOX1 Box with devices,  power supplies, etc
TREE5 fifth tree with instrumentation
FF3 forest floor plot 3
GF5 grassland floor plot 5
WF2 wetland floor plot 2
CF0 cropland floor that represents the overall ecosystem area (not assigned to a specific plot)
T2 2nd tower with eddy equipment