The _full_output_ File

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Overview of EddyPro _full_output_ Variables


LI-COR (official EddyPro online help)


This is the most comprehensive output file produced by EddyPro. It contains many of the intermediate and final variables calculated during data processing. Results values are grouped by the first line of the header to facilitate interpretation. Here we provide an overview of available outputs. For more specific descriptions of each variable refer to the List of Variables below.

List of Variables

wdt_ID Label Units, Format or Range Description Group
148 bowen_ratio # Sensible heat flux to latent heat flux ratio Turbulence
149 T* K Scaling temperature Turbulence
146 L M Monin-Obukhov length Turbulence
144 u* m s-1 Friction velocity Turbulence
142 pitch ° (degrees) Second rotation angle Rotation angles for tilt correction
141 yaw ° (degrees) First rotation angle Rotation angles for tilt correction
140 wind_dir ° (degrees) Direction from which the wind blows, with respect to Geographic or Magnetic north Rotated wind
139 max_wind_speed m s-1 Maximum instantaneous wind speed Rotated wind
138 wind_speed m s-1 Mean wind speed Rotated wind
137 w_rot m s-1 Rotated w wind component (should be zero) Rotated wind


† Concentrations and fluxes for water vapor are provided as [mmol mol-1] and [mmol m-2 s-1] respectively.

‡ Units depend on the nature of the variable.