Dataflow Meetings

In this series of meetings where we address open questions that you might or might not have about grassland group data, especially flux and meteo data. We discuss where the raw data files come from and where they go. And then, what happens with these files and why.

In the future we will discuss, for example:

  • where data files come from how raw data files look
  • where they are stored, and how do they get there
  • what the difference is between raw and processed data
  • how fluxes are calculated
  • what to do with calculated fluxes before they are “final”
  • how we can use meteo data to analyse flux data
  • how the full dataflow looks like, from data logging to publication of a paper
  • if ducks really float or if they simply have long legs and walk underwater

After each meeting, this webpage will be updated with details about previously undocumented topics that were mentioned in the meeing. The goal is to improve existing documentation and make group knowledge available online, for all.


wdt_ID Date Time Room Participants Report
1 2018-12-07 13-15h LFW B52 LH, AR, CB, IF, MG, MS, PM, QS, RM, SG, SK, TB, YaL, YuL (14)


Report - Dataflow Meeting Dec 2018
Dataflow Meeting

Report – Dataflow Meeting Dec 2018

This document will be updated. Last Update: 25 Apr 2019, changes marked in yellow Meeting Date: 7 Dec 2018, 13-15h, LFW B52 Participants: LH, AR, CB, IF, MG, MS, PM, QS, RM, SG, SK, TB, YaL, YuL (14) We discussed various topics where we think improvements could be made. Topics ... Read More