CH-FRU: 2018


Setup Setup since 2005
Time Period(s) 2018_1
Instruments R350, IRGA75
Final Flux Version
Scripts FCT v0.9.5 with EP 7.0.6, FQC v2.1.0 (Level-2), Amp v0.16.0
Level-1 ID Level-1_ID2020-05-29T103526 ***
Level-2 ID Level-2_QC-20200601-183518
Level-3-4 ID Level-3-4_PI_FP2020_2005-2019
ICOS Winter 2020 Initiative (original upload 15 Aug 2020)
Fluxes Calculated By LH
Meteoscreening By M Rüegg




*** Level-1 adjusted *_full_output_* file uploaded to EFDC for FLUXNET.



Setup Setup since 2005
Time Period(s) 2018_1
Instruments R3, IRGA75
Final Flux Version
Scripts FCT 0.86, EP 6.2.0 (Level-1), FQC 1.04 (Level-2)
Level-1 ID Level-1_ID2019-03-03T030626
Level-2 ID Level-2_QC-20190310-154253 *
Level-3-4 ID Level-3-4_FLUXNET2015-FN-20190606-beta-3
Initiative European Drought Study 2018 (upload 29 Mar 2019)
Flux Calculations By LH
Meteo Screening By M Rüegg



  • Known issues: Fluxes have not been corrected for the Wrong Calibration Gas 2017 issue (unknown at the time). See here for affected time periods: Setup since 2005.
  • There are erroneous flux data between 2017-06-09 00:30 and 2017-06-12 11:00 and then again between 2017-06-12 18:00 and 2017-06-16 11:00. Therefore, I manually set all qc_ flags for co2_flux, h2o_flux and LE to bad data (flag 2) in QC-20190310-150455 (Level-2). -LH


* Level-2 uploaded to European Fluxes Database Cluster for FLUXNET data sharing