CH-OE2: 2017


Setup Setup since 2003
Time Period(s) 2017_1
Instruments R350, IRGA75
Final Flux Version
Scripts FCT 0.92, EP 7.0.4 (Level-1)
Level-1 ID
Level-2 ID see Notes
Level-3-4 ID see Notes
Initiative Data for manuscript about IRGA comparison (Sabbatini et al.) (not uploaded to FLUXNET, see Notes)
Flux Calculations By
Meteo Screening By



  • For CH-OE2, we already share IRGA72 fluxes for 2017. Here we also calculated the concurrently measured IRGA75 fluxes.
  • These fluxes were calculated to be shared for a manuscript that is in preparation at the time of writing (Sep 2019). The ms compares IRGA72 and IRGA75 fluxes during time periods where both instruments measured at the same site.
  • Needs not to be uploaded and shared via FLUXNET, because we already share the IRGA72 fluxes. If we uploaded IRGA75 fluxes for the same period, the IRGA72 fluxes would be overwritten which we do not want.
  • With the introduction of Amp, Level-2 fluxes can be created on demand, soon also Level-3-4 fluxes.
  • Final Level-3-4 fluxes are currently only available for years that we uploaded to FLUXNET.


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