CH-DAV: 2014


Setup ICOS Setup since 2014 (ETH binary files)
Time Period(s) 2014_1, 2014_2
Instruments R350, HS50, IRGA72
Final Flux Version
Scripts FCT 0.92, EP 7.0.4 (Level-1), Amp 0.6.0-alpha (merging)
Level-1 ID
Level-2 ID see Notes
Level-3-4 ID
Initiative Data for manuscript about IRGA comparison (Sabbatini et al.) (not uploaded to FLUXNET, see Notes)
Flux Calculations By
Meteo Screening By



  • For CH-DAV, we currently share IRGA75 fluxes for 2014 via FLUXNET. Here we also calculated the concurrently measured IRGA72 fluxes.
  • These fluxes were calculated to be shared for a manuscript that is in preparation at the time of writing (Sep 2019). The ms compares IRGA72 and IRGA75 fluxes during time periods where both instruments measured at the same site.
  • Level-2 fluxes can be created on demand.
  • First flux results merged with Amp.