CH-OE2: 2018


Setup Setup since 2018 (CH-INO)
Time Period(s) 2018_1, 2018_2
Instruments R350, LGR
Final Flux Version
Scripts FCT 0.92, EP 7.0.4 (Level-1), Amp 0.5.0-indev (Level-2)
Level-1 ID
Level-2 ID Level-2_AMP-20190905-121205 *
Level-3-4 ID (not generated by FLUXNET)
Initiative Methane Synthesis 2019 (upload 5 Sep 2019)
Flux Calculations By
Meteo Screening By



  • First fluxes that were quality-controlled using Amp.
  • Fluxes were recorded at CH-OE2, but as part of the InnoFarm project (CH-INO).
  • Although N2O fluxes were also calculated, only CH4 was shared with FLUXNET.
  • Fluxes in 2018_2 (after 27 Oct 2018) were recorded at 1Hz (see also notes here).
  • Spectral correction Fratini et al. (2012) did not work, also Horst et al. (1997) did not work, therefore switched to Moncrieff et al. (1997) instead.


* Level-2 uploaded to European Fluxes Database Cluster for FLUXNET data sharing

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