CH-LAE: 2017


Setup Setup since 2004
Time Period(s) 2017_1, 2017_2
Instruments HS50, IRGA72
Final Flux Version
Scripts FCT, EP (Level-1), most likely also a version of FQC was used (Level-2)
Level-1 ID
Level-2 ID not available *
Level-3-4 ID Level-3-4_FLUXNET2015-FN-20190607-beta-3
Initiative European Drought Study 2018 (upload 23 May 2019)
Flux Calculations By
Meteo Screening By



  • Known issues: Fluxes have not been corrected for the Wrong Calibration Gas 2017 issue (unknown at the time). See here for affected time periods: Setup since 2004. However, this issue only affects the last approx. 2 weeks of December, a correction might therefore not be worthwhile since this has virtually zero impact on CO2 budgets etc.
  • Unfortunately I did not have all details available, but from the file in the database upload I concluded the the IRGA72 fluxes were uploaded. -LH
  • Some files are missing in the output folder (the converted raw data csv files and raw data csv plots).
  • The Level-2 fluxes are missing, but data were uploaded.
  • There was no log file available, therefore the used versions of FCT and EddyPro are unknown (probably FCT 0.74, EP 6.1.0).


* Level-2 uploaded to European Fluxes Database Cluster for FLUXNET data sharing