CH-LAE: 2016



  • Setup: Setup since 2004
  • Time Period(s): 2016_1, 2016_2, 2016_3
  • Instruments: HS50, IRGA75, IRGA72
  • Final Flux Version: HS50-IRGA72-IRGA75_FF-202101
  • Scripts: EddyPro 7.0.6, BICO v0.5.1, FLUXRUN v0.5.0, DIIVE v0.19.0-alpha, ReddyProc 1.2
  • Flux Levels:
  • FLUXNET Upload: 09 Jun 2021 (merged Level-1 IRGA72 and Level-1.1 IRGA75 fluxes for full FLUXNET Warm Winter 2020 dataset)
  • Flux Calculations By: LH
  • Meteo Screening By: EPL or PK


  • IRGA72 fluxes are not available for the beginning few months of the year. These gaps in the first half of the year and other IRGA72 gaps throughout the rest of the year were filled with IRGA75 fluxes (corrected for self-heating), if IRGA75 fluxes were available in these gaps.
  • Separate Level-1 fluxes for IRGA72 and IRGA75 are available in HS50-IRGA72-IRGA75_FF-202101. For IRGA75, Level-1.1 fluxes are also available.
  • Fluxes have been updated during the creation of the PI dataset CH-LAE FP2021 (2004-2020).
  • Fluxes from the open-path LI-7500 (IRGA75) have been corrected for self-heating.
  • Info about the PI dataset: CH-LAE FP2021 (2004-2020)
  • Info about the different flux levels: Flux Processing Chain




  • Setup: Setup since 2004
  • Time Period(s): (only IRGA75) 2016_1, 2016_2
  • Instruments: HS50, IRGA75
  • Final Flux Version: HS50-IRGA75_FF-201902
  • Scripts: FCT 0.74, EddyPro 6.1.0 (Level-1), most likely also a version of FQC (Level-2) was used
  • Flux Levels:
    • Level-1: Level-1_ID2017-02-10T101729
    • Level-1.1: –
    • Level-2: –
    • Level-3-4:
      • PI Dataset:
      • FLUXNET:
        • Level-3-4_FLUXNET2015-FN-20190607-beta-3_2004-2018
        • Level-3-4_FLUXNET2015-WW2020-FN-20201217_beta-3_2004-2020.06
  • FLUXNET Upload: 23 May 2019 (Level-1 for FLUXNET European Drought Study 2018 dataset)
  • Flux Calculations By: EPL
  • Meteo Screening By: EPL or PK


  • Fluxes have since been updated.
  • Unfortunately I did not have all details available, but from the file in the database upload I concluded the the IRGA75 fluxes were uploaded. -LH
  • Some files are missing in the output folder (the converted raw data csv files and raw data csv plots).
  • The Level-2 fluxes are missing, but data were uploaded.