CH-LAE: 2018



  • Setup: Setup since 2004
  • Time Period(s): 2018_1, 2018_2, 2018_3, 2018_4
  • Instruments: HS50, IRGA72
  • Final Flux Version: HS50-IRGA72-IRGA75_FF-202101
  • Scripts: EddyPro 7.0.6, BICO v0.5.1, FLUXRUN v0.5.0, DIIVE v0.19.0-alpha, ReddyProc 1.2
  • Flux Levels:
  • FLUXNET Upload: 09 Jun 2021 (for full FLUXNET Warm Winter 2020 dataset)
  • Flux Calculations By: AS (2018_2_3_4), LH (2018_1)
  • Meteo Screening By: AS


  • Fluxes for the following time periods were removed from the dataset due to issues with the IRGA72 flowrate (in FP2021 they were removed in Level-2 fluxes):
    • CO2 flux: between 19 May and 6 Jun 2018
    • Water fluxes H2O flux / LE / ET: between 13 May and 6 Jun 2018 (in FP2021 only needed for LE)
  • Fluxes have been corrected for the usage of a Wrong Calibration Gas.
  • Fluxes have been updated during the creation of the PI dataset CH-LAE FP2021 (2004-2020).
  • Info about the PI dataset: CH-LAE FP2021 (2004-2020)
  • Info about the different flux levels: Flux Processing Chain




  • Setup: Setup since 2004
  • Time Period(s): 2018_1, 2018_2
  • Instruments: HS50, IRGA72
  • Final Flux Version: HS50-IRGA72_FF-201902
  • Scripts: FCT 0.85, EddyPro 6.2.0 (Level-1), most likely also a version of FQC was used (Level-2)
  • Flux Levels:
    • Level-1: Level-1_ID2019-01-15T155533
    • Level-1.1: –
    • Level-2: –
    • Level-3-4:
      • PI Dataset:
      • FLUXNET:
        • Level-3-4_FLUXNET2015-FN-20190607-beta-3_2004-2018
        • Level-3-4_FLUXNET2015-WW2020-FN-20201217_beta-3_2004-2020.06
  • FLUXNET Upload: 6 May 2019 (Level-1 for FLUXNET European Drought Study 2018 dataset)
  • Flux Calculations By: EPL
  • Meteo Screening By: EPL


  • Fluxes have since been updated.
  • Known issues:
    1. Fluxes have not been corrected for the Wrong Calibration Gas 2017 issue (unknown at the time). See here for affected time periods: Setup since 2004.
    2. EPL, Feb 2019: “Following our QAQC meeting this morning, I checked the notes I had made for Lae, and thanks to PM for mentioning the possible Flow issue. The flow of the LI-7200 was obstructed from May 31st to June 7th, which leads to faulty fluxes. @MG: If you use these data please flag that period as 2 or replace with -9999 values (it will affect the CO2 and H2O fluxes). I will take care of correcting this with the EFDC. However, this is something we should address since more of the sites are using LI-7200 and this is not picked up in the normal quality flagging.
  • The converted raw data csv files are missing.
  • The Level-2 fluxes are missing, but data were uploaded.