CH-OE2: 2017


Setup Setup since 2003
Time Period(s) 2017_1, 2017_2, 2017_3
Instruments R350, IRGA72
Final Flux Version
Scripts FCT 0.88, EP 6.2.0 (Level-1 for 2017_1, conversions for 2017_2 and 2017_3), FCT 0.90, EP 7.0.0 rc8 (with updated exe from 4 Apr 2019, Level-1 for 2017_2 and 2017_3), FM 0.93 (Level-1 merging), FQC 1.04 (Level-2)
Level-1 ID Level-1_ID2019-04-17T110242 / merged results from: 2017_1: ID2019-03-30T190548, 2017_2: ID2019-04-04T153041, 2017_3: ID2019-04-04T153124 / separate conversions: 2017_2 in ID2019-03-30T190631, 2017_3 in ID2019-03-30T190750 / **
Level-2 ID Level-2_QC-20190417-120035 *
Level-3-4 ID Level-3-4_FLUXNET2015-FN-20190615-beta-3
European Drought Study 2018 (upload 17 Apr 2019)
Fluxes Calculated By LH
Meteoscreening By RM



  • Fluxes for 2017_2 and 2017_3 were calculated with a preview version of EddyPro 7.0.0, see a description of the encountered issue here (Issue #1: No (Co)Spectra for CO2 and H2O).
  • EP7 outputs are different for ghg-europe files. These files are now called _fluxnet_ files and contain more output variables. Therefore merging of 2017_1 results with 2017_2 and 2017_3 was a bit tricky, since column names were not (exactly) the same. I made a subset of the verbose _fluxnet_ outputs and then – after some formatting (column names …) merged all parts.
  • SSITC flag was missing from EP files, I inserted qc_* flag from the full_output files instead (same tests).


* Level-2 uploaded to European Fluxes Database Cluster for FLUXNET data sharing

** merged results