CH-OE2: 2016


Setup Setup since 2003
Time Period(s) 2016_1-3, 2016_2
Instruments R350 (HS100 during 2016_2), IRGA72
Final Flux Version R350-HS100-IRGA72_FF-201902
Scripts FCT 0.88, EP 6.2.0 (Level-1), FM 0.93 (Level-1 merging), FQC 1.04 (Level-2)
Level-1 ID Level-1_ID2019-04-16T120813 / merged results from: 2016_1-3: ID2019-03-30T190345, 2016_2: ID2019-03-30T190515 / **
Level-2 ID important: see notes
Level-2_QC-20190529-181114 (with Angle of Attack flag for 2016_1) *
Level-3-4 ID Level-3-4_FLUXNET2015-FN-20190615-beta-3
European Drought Study 2018 (original upload of Level-2_QC-20190417-104626 on 17 Apr 2019, replaced by Level-2_QC-20190529-181114 on 29 May 2019)
Fluxes Calculated By
Meteoscreening By


Important Info Regarding Quality Control Flags In Level-2 Data

  • During 2016_1 (before the R3 was removed and the HS100 installed), the sensible heat fluxes and generally the SA data do not look completely OK with sometimes seemingly erroneous data. The QC flag for Level-2_QC-20190529-181114 during 2016_1 includes the angle-of-attack (AOA) flag from the EddyPro output as additional QC criterion (see Emmel et al. 2018 for details). By including the AOA flag, many of the problematic data points were filtered out.
  • Several steps were necessary to assemble the overall flag:
    • Step 1: Level-2_QC-20190417-104626 does not include AOA flag for the whole year
    • Step 2: Level-2_QC-20190529-175532 does include AOA flag for the whole year
    • Step 3: generate a new file that includes data from Level-2_QC-20190529-175532 for 2016_1 and data from Level-2_QC-20190529-175532 for 2016_2 and 2016_3, filenames of the combined files are full_output_QC_FINAL_FLAG_QC-20190529-181114.csv and ghg-europe_eddy_QC_FINAL_FLAG_QC-20190529-181114.csv

CH-OE2 2016 CO2 fluxes without angle-of-attack QC flag.

CH-OE2 2016 CO2 fluxes WITH angle-of-attack QC flag. This additional flag was only considered for 2016_1.



  • During 2016_2 fluxes were calculated from the temporarily installed Gill HS-100 sonic anemometer.
  • The spike hard flag would have removed a lot of data during this year due to spikes in e.g. the raw CO2 mixing ratio time series. Flag was disabled, but needs to be checked for future runs.


* Level-2 uploaded to European Fluxes Database Cluster for FLUXNET data sharing

** merged results

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