CH-OE2: 2011


Setup Setup since 2003
Time Period(s) 2011_1
Instruments R350, IRGA75
Final Flux Version R350-IRGA75_FF-201607 (v2016-07)
Scripts FCT 0.74, EP 6.1.0 (Level-1), FQC (Level-2)
Level-1 ID
Level-2 ID Level-2_QC-20160713-213400 *
Level-3-4 ID
  • PI Dataset:
  • FLUXNET2015:
  • Drought Study 2018:
Initiative FLUXNET2015 dataset (upload 13 Jul 2016)
Flux Calculations By
Meteo Screening By



  • Jul 2016: [2004-2015] v2016-07 calculated with EddyPro 610, FluxCalc 0.74, Anaconda3 v4. Run using the screened meteo data by Patrick Koller.
  • Known issues:
    • PPFD: There is an issue with the meteo variable PPFD that was uploaded together with other meteo variables as part of the flux data sharing. The maximum values of PPFD were cut-off above a certain threshold. However, the selected threshold was too low, resulting in data gaps around noon during the warmer seasons. This needs to be corrected in future uploads. (found 11 Aug 2020 -LH)
    • 2011-05-28 until 2011-08-17: problem with sonic AGC: fluxes look very good, but AGC increases up until 100 (which would mean that the signal was very bad). AGC was not considered during this time period because data quality seems to be very good.

CH-OE2: the AGC signal in 2011.

CH-OE2: During the same time period fluxes look very good, e.g. here is CO2 for 2011 with all QC flags considered except AGC.

CH-OE2: with AGC considered we seem to lose a lot of the good data.

* Level-2 uploaded to European Fluxes Database Cluster for FLUXNET data sharing


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